Zieleinfahrt Hansi Nyfeler – RAAM Live Cam

9 Tage 19 h 7 min – Hansi Nyfeler hat sein Traum verwirklicht und das RAAM gefinisht

HANSI NYFELER: 1st in 50-59, 5th Overall
By Vic Armijo
June 20, 2014
City Dock, Annapolis, MD

Swiss rider Hans “Hansi” Nyfeller won the age 50-59 solo male category in grand style this morning, finishing in 9 days, 19 hours and 7 minutes with an average speed of 12.84 mph. When he arrived at City Dock here in Annapolis at 11:04 am, Dale Capewell, his closest rival in the category was about 400 miles behind. Nyfeler, a RAAM rookie himself, was met at the finish by his crew who had brought along a substantial quantity of beer, “He likes beer!” a crew member said with a shrug, “So of course we must have it for him.” As brews were opened and distributed to the crew members, one by one Nyfeler spent a moment with each crew member. After many hugs, high fives and a smooch or two, Nyfeler joined RAAM emcee George Thomas on stage to receive his medal and to be interviewed.

Not only is the former pro football (soccer to us ‘mericans) player the winner in his category, he also finished 5rd overall, less that 2 hours behind the 4th place rider in the Under age 50 category. It has been interesting and inspiring to see someone who could be a card-carrying member of AARP put in such a fast ride and to become one of those rare RAAM racers to have a nine day finish.

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5 Kommentare

  1. I enjoyed watching you race. Not only were you fast but your crew played the best music.
    Again congratulations and I hope to see you next year. Walter

  2. Maegie Christen

    Hallo Hansi
    Ich freue mich riesig über deinen Erfolg und bewundere deine Leistung enorm!.. Unglaublich deine mentale Stärke und körperliche Form.
    Geniess jetzt einfach dein Glücksgefühl..
    Herzlich grüsst dich Mägie

  3. Hallo Hansi, absolut weltklasse!!! Sensationell, gleich beim 1. Mal so zuschlagen; unter 10 Tagen… Dein Ziel ist sicherlich mehr als erreicht. Herzliche Gratulation, dir und deinem Team!!!

  4. Hervorragendes Resultat, 5. Overall!! Unglaublich. Freu mi uf de nächst Kafi i de Rondelle:-)

  5. Michaela Nyfeler

    Kei Wort nur 1000

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